J-Z. Brozyna





The premises taken into account as starting point to the development of vytvorological analysis are the following:


Firstly, the paradox between:


-      the might of modern science and technology as well as the riches of contemporary economy on the one hand,

-      and the injustice and other social problems without solution, human suffering, until the man’s strange feeling in his own society on the other hand, where nobody more for the events running responsible is.


Secondly, the huge price paid for the progress, namely:


-      natural environment destruction, until the human existence on the earth called in question,

-      cultural and social environment destruction,

-      loss of development control up to anxiety of our future, justified with the fast growing of destabilisation during the last fifteen years already occurred and not difficult to extrapolate for the next years.


Thirdly, face to this transformation contradictory to all humanistic European tradition, the rational philosophy as solution only an adaptation has to propose and none cure. Moreover, the general oversight of rationalist philosophy and politology ignorance causes that any social and civilising process to the entropy physical law subordinate is. Thus, this fundamental truth never in political analysis into account taken is.



Besides, with the birth of mathematical cybernetics analysis, it became obvious, that the world of techniques and economy a day must to escape from control of the man’s managing if always based on past time methods, unable to face the entropy law action. The growing insecurity, unemployment, social decay, dozens of millions of excluded from civilising easiness, all even in the most developed countries, visible symptoms of this law operation are, well confirmed now by the formal analysis. Today, the mondialisation of the economic, man and information exchange, a strong accelerating factor is. Hence, the urgent necessity of an exact science as social process explanation and human activity managing method appears, because there is no solution of any complex problem without an appropriate theory.


But the first twenty years of research after the birth of cybernetics, endeavouring to find this systemic solution gave no result, and in 1970 are given up, event without to determine the reason of failure. Hence, I tried firstly to discover this last reason, and once explained, the new tools of scientific investigation elaborated and before the Academy of Sciences upheld were. The solution of this complex problem possible was owing to discovery, how the faithful representation of static human and social realty feasible is, what the universal human evaluation is and which its law of shift, in what the universal mechanism of changes in human and social state consists, in brief, how the faithful representation of universal law of dynamic in this field feasible is.


On this basis and regarding the experimental results of psychology and brain neurology, a general theory of civilisation as an exact science developed and presented on an International Congress of Cybernetics was. Subsequently, a complete science of human and social processes (the vytvorology) presented and published was, and as the third family of sciences recognised was nearly traditional human and exact sciences. First spectacular practical realisation in this field, which was a computer assisted human activity control, has given a confirmation of efficacy offered by this theory, which surprised the specialists.


Now, there are four premises leading to idea of drawing the political vytvorology up, as a reliable exact science, namely:


   Thanks to vytvorology, the explanation on the causal level of the mechanism of any social process (economy included) is known;

   With this universal theory, giving for the first time the relation of identity between the social realty and its human description, the control of any social event possible is;

   Instruments of the vytvorological method are able to solve each social problem, among others, because it demonstrate that the function of a human values system in society identical is to the function of the DNA in any living body in its both duties, namely, as a social environment determinant and as a type and place of events director;  

   Scientific interpretation of everyone philosophical, political, religious or other doctrine by the vytvorological analysis given is, confirming the potential of Christianity.


By way of example (and they are multiples), the computer calculated results presented were, as concerning a problem especially important and difficult in Europe, where many different human values systems since very numerous immigration in permanent confrontation are (liberalism, republicanism, Christendom, Islam and others), and where to establish security, law and order almost impossible are, and many other cultural or material damages continually increase. Without come into the analytic detail let us say, that in order to have got a peaceful development of society as evolution stable in the statistical sense, the stability of an alone human values system making the social order necessary is, which means at the same time a non ambiguous mans priorities.


But if on the same soil, the population organised in a community by a given human values system starts to put his attention to others values coming from abroad, theirs own values change its importance, and the society out of order automatically is. This theory explains why, if attention paid to foreign value a positive one is, the own values system become a degenerated one to a bi-value system of exaggerated man’s estimations: all become either charmful or fascinating or repellent, depending on ratio of own prior valuation to valuation impressed by the foreign system. The presence in a society of this labelling with « good »-« bad » tags a so sensible marker is, that it may be used as a measure of it cultural decline (thus as a civilising declinometer). In most liberal European countries this bi-value system already very in use is, and succeeding the frequent disowning of some values they became absent in the social order, which for example the occidental society dehumanisation manifests.


This theory also explains, why to pay a negative attention to foreign values system not salvage solution is. Indeed, with an attitude a little negative the value called in question by foreign system changes its importance and its position in the hierarchy of human priorities modified is. Increasing the negative attitude above the positive importance paid to own system doesn’t improve the situation apart from introduce the oscillations, which human hesitations are. Even an excessive negativity no solution is, on the contrary, it generates the increasing of individual hesitations up till a social explosion, which probably an unexpected result is. This theory demonstrates too, why the development of national cultures and not the tech-economic progress human and social priority is, hence why Europe as the confederation and not a federation must be organised.


In the practice of western European countries everyone of above mentioned situations appears, and theirs pilling up a chaotic social behaviour gives: less the moral rules respected are, more unexpected human attitude and action is, meanwhile the entropy law the negative effects domination guarantee. It means the decay of civilisation, although it a low processes is, measured in human generations, low but impossible to be stopped besides the values restoration. In human history there was yet several cases of civilisation fall predictions, but with the vytvorological analysis at the first time this danger to foreseen possible is with certainty, its mechanism on the causal level explained is, and then at the first time this decline to avoid becomes possible, if a political will decide it.


Hence, owing to vytvorology it becomes possible to enter into the IIIrd millenary with a new and reliable public management method. In particular, with the political vytvorology the control of three mighty powers, namely the informational, technologic-scientific, and economic (ITE) ones, which today as an apprentice sorcerer govern the man, and to foresee also the future society evolution, will be possible.



Copyright © Janusz Brozyna 2004