by Janusz BROZYNA




               Since the mathematical sciences – today called exact sciences – started taking their exhaustive and autonomous form independent from human sciences and having a great and noticeable impact on society with all the achievements of modern technology transforming the human destiny, the traditional sciences have undertaken to transplant in philosophy and socio-political sciences some notions of these new methodes hoping in their own field for the same advance. Those new notions seemed them to be the key to the cognitive as well as a technological success of this original way of handling scientific problems. Thus, scientism was developed in the XIXth century, and afterwards, various attempts to use some notions of cybernetics, of the mathematical information theory, of systemic, of Gödelisation, etc. by human sciences came to fulfillment in the second half of the XXth century in the same hope. However, all these efforts did not give the expected results because human sciences are not prepared for this kind of implantation neither by organization of their own notions and their language nor by the analysis method and above all by the kind of relations with reality.


But in the 50’s and 60’s, some cyberneticians – thus mathematical sciences – made an attempt to create the theory of social and individual human process {SIH processes} as one exact sciences, thanks to which a much more reliable management of public affairs should have been got. To general surprise, that was also unsuccessful without even knowing why, as quite obviously man as well as society are systems in the mathematical meaning of the word. And yet, at the end of the second millenium, as the power of sciences and technology can destroy our civilization as well as the natural inheritance on the world scale, many symptoms of which can already be seen, without either contemporary philosophy or Western political model being able to cure them, hence the need of an effective theory of this kind representing the genuine reality and of a respective science becomes a matter of the utmost urgency.


After the unsuccessful research the author of final solution said vytvorology, undertook in the 70’s a research to find first of all an answer to the following question : Why was it unsuccessful ? and once the answer found, it was necessary to built the additional research tools lacking at the time. Gödel incompletion theorem indicated the way to take.


Indeed, both neurophysiological and psychological aspects are characteristic of any SIH process. The former aspect, as a material one, is perfectly mastered by exact sciences because the basic propriety of them is not its mathematical language as some think, but the phenomenon analysis made in this algebra that governs the reality of the observed phenomenon. Hence it was necessary to define the algebra of the later aspect in accordance with the numerous results of psychological experiments and linked to the former one by a well-defined morphism. The creation of this algebra (c-algebra), as directly linked to the description of entropic processes of the brain, and the defining its epimorphism with the algebra of physiological phenomena, was made at the end of 70’s and upheld at the Academy of Sciences in 1981 followed by a publication.


The second tool indispensable to descrbe the SIH processes as an exacte science was the discovery that the universal theory expressing in mathematical language the dynamics of respective system must be based on a theory of human values system which is responsible for the establishment of individual prorities, then choices etc. , therefore this theory must also be presented as a mathematical system, which was made and presented at the same time too. This tool answers to the finding that the information – which is manipulated – is an inavoidable intermediary between reality and its human description whatever the language may be, and more, is an intermediary which is likely to be subjectively manipulated. Thus, specifying a certain number of notions like those, the intrinsic nature of information or of the usefulness of entropy in the field of human phenomena, makes it possible to get a coherent and universal image of all the SIH processes with their causal mechanism.


In addition to this systemic investigation, the research of the physical propulsion mechanism of SIH proceses was led by three pemises. At first, the examination to find out if there is a solution among simple mechanisms as it is almost aways the case in Nature when, with its generosity, it finds itsef confronted with complex problems. Secondly, the required mechanism must be a powerful physical force in order to face the most difficult situations that man can find himself confronted with any day. Thirdly, it must be quite a universal mechanism so as to solve all the problems in the unforeseeable future at the time of the development of man and of his civilization. Hence, the only possible answer is the entropic mechanism and indeed examining how it works at the individual level (neurophysiological processes) as well as at social level (man as a motor, as a subject, and as an object of social processes) has confirmed the validity of this discover. Very many examinations of cerebral lesions as well as a psychological experimentation as regards the information localization also prove its validty.


The description of the entropy of the neurocerebral system as a function of the information of various qualities (the action of values system taken into account), hence of various human meanings recorded in the brain, was particularly useful and becomes possible thanks to the discovery what the nature of the information is independently of the human interpretation (the message) of the communication. Thanks to the entropy additivity, this presentation can describe the intervention of all the active agents (neurotransmitters, electric charges, hormones) of the neurocerebral system in the physical causal chain : stimulation – thinking – choice – action of the executing organs (vocal organs, muscles etc). It makes it possible to put quite clearly how the manipulation of the information is expressed by the change in the entropy characteristic for each type of processes, thus in practical terms, how a neurophysical event is expressed by psychic phenomenon and human or social process. Lastly, according to the values of some measurable parameters, it also become possible to show the different political and economic models as the particular cases foreseen by a sole and universal theory of civilization.


Basing the society mechanism on the physics of the neurophysiological phenomena, it was thus possible to provide this theory with the value of a truth of the absolute type (only physics is endowed with this kind of capacity), which is inaccessible to the methods of traditional sciences. This way also gave birth to vytvorology which – thanks to its original method – is an exact science of social and individual human processes, recognized as the third family of sciences, nearly human and traditional exact sciences. This new science profits from the experimental knowledge of psychology as well as of brain neurophysiology its experimental support, and then it was possible to formulate on this basis the complete political vytvorology as an exact science too, which Enlightenment philosophy fundamental mistakes bares and dangers of the liberal democracy defines. It is of a great cognitive and practical importance, that vytvorological formal analysis prove the function of human values system identical in social processes as this one of DNA in the living organism : it is this system which determines the characteristic of any society and the kind of its dynamics.


In other words, vytvorology with its reliability can be considered as an extension of physics in this particular environment, where both agents of action (two physical bodies) exchanging energy or any other kind of matter (as in social processes) to give birth to an event producing the process, can’t interchange it directly but 1° are separated by an intermediary and 2° the characteristic of which is manipulated by man, thus an intermediary known as information. Hence, it gives a vision of human and social processes that is a coherent whole with the description of material Universe made by physics, explaining at once the mechanism of transition from material to human or spiritual, and to social.


As strange as it may seem, thanks to this methode it was possible not only to develop the general  civilization theory and to analyse the material aspect of human life, but also the spiritual aspect of our being. Hence, this theory reveals the logic and philosophy included in the reality of mankind, explaining human diversity. Thus, the image of human presence on Earth in unity with all Universe is done.



© Copyright Janusz Brożyna 2004



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